The corporate leader was born in a peasant family on 04 May 1914 in the village of Nimbut in Pune District of Maharashtra State in India.

he was involved in many social activities and was closely associated with the Congress party and its leaders such as Malojiraje Naik Nimbalkar, Yashwantrao Chavan and Keshavrao Jedhe.


In 20th JUNE 1960 he was  established cooperative sugar factory SHRI SOMESHWAR SAHAKARI SAKHAR KARKHANA LTD.


Mukutrao Kakade (Appa) became, 20th  years directors of Maharashtra state 

co-operative Marketing federation , 15th years Chairman of Shree Someshwar

sahakari sakhar karkhana Ltd. 15th year directors of Pune District Central

Co-Oprative bank , 20th year  chairman of  of Pune Zhilha Sahkari Kaharedi vikri

sangh  ,10th year president of  Baramati Taluka Congress comity, As well as

many year director of Rayat Shishan Santha Satara.